About us

SIA “Saldus pārtikas kombināts” produces milk candies “Gotiņa”, toffee, serbet, marmalade and candy cream from natural ingredients. We obtain fresh milk from local farms, other ingredients for production process are obtained in the surrounding area.
Natural milk candy “Gotiņa” is produced without any food additives and each piece of candy is hand-wrapped. At our bakery we make cakes, tarts and other delicious confectionery that can be decorated according to special demands.

Candies “Gotiņa” have been produced in Saldus since 1960. Initially the production volumes were small and intended only for the Latvian market. Later on the range of candies was extended by supplementing various ingredients to milk candies (nuts, raisins, sunflower seed etc.). In the 1990s candies “Gotiņa” were exported from Saldus to Russia. Currently our candies are very popular in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Germany. The candies are also well-known and exported to United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan, and Norway. For several years we have obtained awards in the category of the most exported product (among small and medium-size companies) in the competition “Made in Latvia”.

Our decorative cardboard and metal cases are excellent presents for special occasions, and a nice souvenir for tourists. We can create a special candy “Gotiņa” with the logo of your company on the candy wrapping. Contact us: info@saldusgotina.lv